Food Such a Delicious Challenge

Food, food and more food. It is necessary for survival so why not make if fabulous and delicious. We have all see the photographs of food that are floating around social media. They are often very unappetizing and a poor representation of what the person saw on their plate when they took the image. They are little reminders of a fun night or a good meal but when you are looking to show your food at the its best its time to hire a professional. Food photography is no easy thing. It requires a professional understanding of light and staging as well as a deep love of all things food. If you are looking to create a more appetizing menu that will draw people into your place of business and make their mouths water with anticipation, the images of your food need to be top notch. If you want your customers to come back time and again because too many things on the menu were screaming to be tried, your photographs must entice and draw them in. If you are wanting to create a web site to sell food products online, the images you post of your products are the first impression your potential clients will have and they are the exact thing that will make them want to order from you. Need to showcase your skills in decorating cakes or creating fun food, do your craft justice by hiring a professional to show your work in the best possible light, giving it the best chance to speak volumes to your customers. No matter where your love of food lies, with sushi or chocolate, breakfast food or cakes, I can help you stage it, light it and show it at its best. P.S. will work for chocolate. (Just kidding but I might just become a client of your too)

All products shown here are examples of my photography skills and do not all represent specific clients I have been hired to work for.  None of these images are for sale in order to protect the copyright of the companies who own these products.