Why hire a Professional

Product Photography or Commercial Photography is something that many businesses think they can do on their own. When you have taken a million photographs of the same product with your smart phone and it still isn’t what you want, call me. Believe it or not this kind of work, when done right, requires specific equipment and many years of training. This is my area of expertise. I am professionally trained by the best in still life photography and I am the answer to all your advertising needs. You will be impressed with how professional your product images will look and what a difference these shots will make when you show your customers what you can do for them. If you are looking to create a web site for your business or update an existing site with better looking images that will promote your business in a more professional manner, a professional product photographer should be your first call. If you are interested in selling your product line on Amazon, I’m sure you have realized they have strict requirements for the images posted. The lighting as well as the background specifications may require you to hire a photographer with Photoshop experience. With any of these business needs trust me when I say that hiring me will be less expensive than a professional art degree not to mention the equipment required to get the exact images you see in your mind of your amazing products. For those of you who may not have any idea what you want I can help there too. I have wonderful creative skills and a great eye for lighting and composition. Why try doing it yourself and pulling out any more hair when I already have the training, expertise and equipment necessary to fulfill all your product and commercial photography needs.

All products shown here are examples of my photography skills and do not all represent specific clients I have been hired to work for.  None of these images are for sale in order to protect the copyright of the companies who own these products.